Digital Restoration

i) Digital Restoration is preserving & repairing the Films / Content that has got damaged due to various possible reasons.

ii) Older film that's been stored in poor conditions suffers from stains, damaged and broken splices and even scratches.

iii) We at SIFT offer this course and give in depth knowledge and teaching on Digital Restoration.

iv) Shemaroo being one of the most known and leading player in the market that archives and restores various content and give a complete new life to it. Thus with its experience and expertise it enables the students to get technically sound and expert in handling any type of damages in the footage.

Students are taught on various software's that are being used in the industry. With millions of reels of film footage now needing to be restored and cleaned up for remastering to HD broadcast, Blu-ray, DVD, VCD and internet delivery, Shemaroo is one name that you can bank upon as we teach restoration solutions in 4K, 2K, HD & SD making us the biggest player in the market.

Course Details:
1. Career in Digital Restoration - 2 Months