Film Editing

i) Film Editing is all about Story Telling.

ii) Editing is one of the vital aspects in the process of Film Making.

iii) It is the part of post production of Film Making.

iv) Editing is done to provide coherence and continuity to a film.

This process can involve correction, condensation, organization, and other modifications performed with an intention of producing a correct, consistent, accurate, and complete work. Good editing can make bad production look good and bad editing can turn a good production into bad. Through editing, shots are combined in accordance with the script to create finished movie. We at SIFT train students on Final Cut Pro (FCP). This course aims at enhancing the story telling skills, enabling to edit Feature films, Documentaries, Short films, Music videos, Promos etc. We give detailed training on various aspects like digitizing, codec's, editing, trimming, track laying, outputting material, technical specifics etc. With a fine blend of experience and talent we assure a great future for the students taking up editing course with us.

Course Details:
» Diploma in Editing- Level 1 (FCP)- 3 Months
» Diploma in Editing- Level 2 (SMOKE)- 3 Months
» Diploma in Film Editing (FCP+SMOKE)-6 Months