Sound Engineering

i) Sound plays an integral part in the process of Film Making.

ii) The importance of sound in film is, perplexingly, often overlooked, but with good sound design, editing and scores, it can make a decent film phenomenal, just as bad sound can detract from its success.

iii) Sound techniques are often used to convey the mood of a scene and manipulate the audience's emotional reaction that can also help them interpret the story.

iv) We at SIFT incorporate Practical Training. The curriculum integrates intensive study & also emphasize on Hands on training on Live Projects in Sound Studio.

v) The students learn at a Professional level on Sound software's viz. Protools & Nuendo with detailed knowledge on sound mixing, sound restoration, microphone techniques, sync sound, digital audio workstation, computerized console operation, critical & analytical listening skills, stereo mix techniques, sound slapping and much more.

Also, importance for usage of various Sound plugins is covered so that one knows when to use respective plugins. After the course completion, the students are required to make their final project to use as their asset. We are the only studio that provides access to our live working environment.

Course Details:
» Diploma in Sound Editing - 3 Months
» Diploma in Sound Engineering - 10 Months