Visual Effects

i) Visual Effects has been used in films for decades.

ii) It has continued to evolve and provide sights not viable to actual film.

iii) With the advent of digital and computer graphics as tools for visual effects, artists are now able to have full control over their imagination in a way not possible before.

iv) These are in addition to their toolbox of previous techniques including models and miniatures when desired.

v) The VFX team works closely not only with the director but also the cinematographer.

vi) We at SIFT offer course that helps building the technical, creative and analytical aspects of Visual Effects. Creative team of faculty and artists along with state of art technology provide Hi-END visual effects training using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After-effects, Maya, Max, and related software's.

The course offers in depth practical training on live projects where various aspects of Visual Effects are covered E.g.: Chroma keying, wire removal, motion graphics, modeling rigging, picture in picture, creation of objects etc. With the VFX Industry's top priority being creative problem solving, we embrace project based learning to master the application of our tools and develop and refine our skills. Our projects are also designed to providing you with relevant content to build your first professional VFX Portfolio. We are the only studio that provides 24/7 access to our live working environment.

Course Details:
» Diploma in VFX - 12 Months
» Career in VFX- 18 Months
» Career in VFX (Specialization)- 24 Months